St. Francis Acres, Mountain View

St. Francis Acres is a neighborly community with many family-friendly features.  Covered by almond, apricot and prune orchards before WWII, we enjoy a mild climate here.  Having an excellent school district and also many excellent private schools nearby, relatively quiet streets, and proximity to the conveniences and attractions of downtown Mountain View, St. Francis Acres provides a very desirable locale for families to enter the Los Altos School District, yet enjoy the benefits of Mtn. View’s outstanding city services and infrastructure.  St. Francis Acres is comprized mainly of: Hollingsworth Avenue, Dennis Lane, Todd Street, Ernestine Lane, Gilmore Street, Lloyd Way, Springer Road, and Mountain View Ave, Mtn. View, CA  94040.  

Grassy Border for Elizabeth Thompson, St. Francis Acres, 94040

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Saint Francis Acres & Mountain View Panorama

St. Francis Acres is in the foreground, middle.  We're looking towards the North.
McKelvey Park and St. Joseph's School are in the lower right, with Los Altos in the lower left.
Downtown Mtn. View, NASA Ames Research, and Moffett Field in the middle right.
Shoreline Amphitheater, SF Bay, Mission Peak, and yes, even Mt. Diablo, in the distance.

"This is where we live!"

Photo courtesy of G. Fanucci © 2010


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